Visiting with the Mustangs at River Edge

This past month Hickman County hosted an Art and Ag tour that the rescue was apart of. We had a special visitor named Sheri Pedigo, a singer/songwriter based out of California that loved visiting with the mustangs!

Here she is pictured with Flirt, Jamie and Reddy

Here she is pictured with Flirt, Jamie and Reddy

Here is Sheri's nephew with the Extreme Mustang Makeover geldings (Justy, Max and Jamie)

Here is Sheri’s nephew with the Extreme Mustang Makeover geldings (Justy, Max and Jamie)

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This is one of our new horses, Kitty. She came in last month from a family that didn’t have the space for her anymore. She is a grey Arabian mare and does well with an experienced rider. She is a little nervous, but relaxes after groundwork and being warmed up. She is in her late teens, early 20′s and would be a great project/trail horse for an experienced rider! If this sounds like the horse for you, email Jane McAllister at to find out more about Kitty!

kitty3228319_15905336_hd 3228319_15905341_hd


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Happy New Year!

     Greetings from River Edge Farm Horse Rescue.  We have had a pretty good year made possible by contributions by people like you.  We made it through last winter and managed to keep all the horses fed and now we need to do it again.  Spring gave us some great adoptions.  Willy (now Flurry) finally found the right person/trainer.  After 5 years here with big trust issues from prior mistreatment and hunger, he is now competing in endurance rides and placed third in his first one.  Dusty who could not get along with other horses is now a great trail horse.  Nickel (Pumpernickel) had serious barb wire injuries to his leg is now enjoyed and being ridden by children.  Avery (now Raven) was older, emaciated and lucky to survive is now being ridden and placing in Dressage shows and also being shown by a 6yr old girl.  Treasure, the mini with permanent hoof damage is being adopted and will go on to be a therapy horse and companion. He also dressed up for Halloween this year.  There were other great adoptions and hopefully more to come.  However, the horses keep on coming in, with 3 additional coming before the year is over and about 35 still here.   It takes funds to keep them fed and for the vet and funds for training to help them get adopted. 

     We have also created a partnership with Randall Scheck Performance Horses near Nolansville.  He has trained several and Aubree Becker has trained some others.  It is very difficult to get an untrained horse adopted so this is an important part of our program.  We are working on getting a sponsorship program for the horses which will help with their board, vet and training until they are adopted.

     Of course our priority right now is having enough funds for winter hay and feed.  We always need funds for the vet for emergencies as well as routine care.  Then we also need to keep up with hoof care and dental care.  There are several horses ready for training as funds become available.  The pastures need some renovations and we need to add some fencing and shelters. 

     Please help us with your holiday or end of year giving.  We cannot keep going without you.  Most animal grants are for dogs and cats or exotic animals.  We continue to maintain our GFAS (Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries) certification and our 501(c)(3) non-profit status.  You are welcome to check out our website at or come by to visit the horses.  As always, 100% of funds goes towards the horses’ care.  Although we are expanding the embroidery business to help raise funds, the need is great.  We have started an Ebay store to raise funds and can take suitable donated items to raise funds, ask followers to give through Goodsearch apps, or donate through the website. 

     Looking back over the last several years, our gratitude is overwhelming to be able to continue our mission of saving horses.  Your support has been wonderful and so much appreciated.  Have a great holiday season and blessings for the New Year.  Thank you so much for helping the horses. 

                                                                                          Jane McAllister, president

                                                                                         River Edge Farm Horse Rescue

                                                                                          PO Box 692

                                                                                          Lyles, TN  37098

Raven(Avery)nowRaven (Avery) with his new owner at a horse show.

Treasure(now)Treasure dressed up for Halloween. He is now going on to therapy work and work as a companion.


Happy New Year! — 148 Comments

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Willy a.k.a Flurry

Willy has been with a trainer in Kentucky for the past few months, and he is doing fantastic! He is currently being trained in endurance and competed in his first competition a few weeks ago. Right now, he is preparing for 50 mile rides and continues to improve everyday.


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Mona update

Mona was adopted about a year ago by a great family that is so happy to call Mona part of their family! Mona is a rescued thoroughbred and has since gone on to participate in overnight camping trips and just competed in her first horse show in April. Here is Mona with Jenna, her owner’s daughter:


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Gwen has been fostered for the summer by one of our volunteers, Kailey. They have been working on collection, small cross rails, neck reining and have been going on trail rides weekly! Here are some pictures of Gwen and Kailey from this summer:

Gwen Gwen2 Gwen3 Gwen4 gwen5

Gwen is a sweet mare who would make a great intermediate trail horse for someone who wants to get out and explore! She is willing to go anywhere, is safe on the roads and loves attention. Contact Jane today for more information and to come out and meet Gwen today!

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Raising Money for a Covered Arena

River Edge Farm Horse Rescue has begun using, a crowd-funding website, to begin raising money for a covered arena. The arena would be used to train horses all year round and be able to work with them regardless of rain or snow, and also would be a great place to host community events and get the word out about these beautiful animals! If you’re looking for a cause to donate to this year, consider donating to help the rescue continue the work they do with the horses of Middle Tennessee. Every dollar counts and every donation is appreciated! Here is the link to the hopemob site:

Here is what the arena looks like:

covered round pen

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Whispers of Hope

Whispers of Hope 0616689 foaled 2/16/05 by Perfecshaahn 0474111 out of Belles Afire Bey 0477806.  Registered Arabian mare with sale to benefit horse rescue.  She had 30 days training at Josh Lyons facility with a person learning to be a trainer with lots of hands on by Josh.  Then had 30 days with Randall Scheck Performance Horses.  She is willing and ready to do more, show, endurance or ?  Loves attention, easy to catch, easy keeper..  Selling due to no time because of so many rescue horses.  She needs to be out there doing something.  Must have rider with experience that can take her to the next level, work on transitions and put some miles on her.  $3500, please contact Jane today to come and meet Hope!

hope1 hope2 hope3 hope5

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Rosie has recently returned from 30 days professional training at Randall Scheck Performance Horses and she is ready to find her forever home! She is a sweet, 4 year old Quarter Horse mare and is a quiet ride. Rosie is still green and does need an experienced rider at this point, but with some time and experience she has the potential to make a great easygoing family horse and will do well as a trail and general riding horse. Her fee is negotiable to the right home, contact Jane today to come out and meet Rosie!Rosie1 rosie2

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